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The way a home is lit can drastically change its perception and function. Placement and type are two very important aspects of making sure that your home is lit in a way to best serve its intended purpose. That said, the placement and type of light pales in comparison when it comes time to select a lighting electrician. After all, you may have selected the right type of lights and found the perfect place to put them in your home, but what good are they if they haven’t been properly installed by a professional lighting electrician?

The answer is simple, they won’t do you any good. Whenever you choose to get residential lighting installed, or repaired or upgraded for that matter, by an under-qualified or unlicensed lighting electrician, the only thing they can do is serve as a hazard to everyone on the property.

Rather than put the inhabitants of your residential property in danger from cutting corners, get in touch with First Choice Electrical and Solar. We have been proud to serve homes for many years whenever they have lighting needs. Whether you require assistance designing a new lighting system, installing it, upgrading it or providing it with repairs, First Choice Electrical and Solar is here to provide reliable electrical services at an affordable rate.

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Electrical Lighting Installation

Transform ordinary spaces into enchanting retreats when you leverage our custom electrical lighting installation services to curate a personalized ambiance in every corner of your home. Our expert technicians carefully assess your goals and the spatial attributes of your rooms, crafting bespoke lighting designs that elegantly amplify your space's aesthetic and functional aspects.

From delicate accent lights that underscore architectural features to vibrant, adjustable systems that shift according to your moods or activities, our tailored solutions provide illumination in harmony with your unique style and preferences.

We invite you to immerse your living space in a customized glow with our full suite of lighting installation and replacement services. Schedule a risk-free initial consultation to learn more about installing lighting options that align with your lifestyle.

Affordable Outdoor Lighting Solutions From an Experienced Landscape Lighting Electrician

Our cost-effective outdoor lighting solutions are the ideal choice when you want to extend your enjoyment of your yard beyond sunset. Our experienced landscape lighting electricians take a strategic approach to craft a luminous environment that amplifies the beauty of your outdoor space while enhancing its safety and useability.

Let us help you select long-lasting fixtures that withstand time and outdoor environmental conditions. Phone our team at your convenience to book an appointment for a noncommittal initial consultation.

Electrical Lighting Repair

When broken or flickering lights compromise the tranquility and safety of your household, turn to our experts for prompt electrical lighting repairs. We prioritize getting to the root of the problem to ensure our repair work holds value over time, protecting you and your loved ones from electrical hazards and ensuring you always have ample light whenever you need it.

Look to us for:

  • Wiring repairs
  • Switch and dimmer repairs
  • Outdoor lighting fixture repairs
  • LED upgrades and repairs
  • Chandelier and high-ceiling lighting repairs
  • Recessed lighting repairs
  • Security lighting repairs
  • Track lighting repairs
  • Fan and light combo unit repairs
  • …and much more!

Light Fixture Upgrades

Choosing our qualified electricians to manage your light fixture upgrades ensures a blend of reliability, expertise, and a seamless experience, all crucial for the intricate nature of electrical work.

Here’s why working with us is a wise choice:

  • Safety and code compliance
  • Quality light fixtures
  • Tailored lighting solutions
  • Efficiency and reliability
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Post-installation support
  • …and more!

Count on us for expert guidance while you outfit your home with the personalized lighting you love. Call our team today to explore a large selection of new light fixture options.

What Makes Us the Best Electrical Contractor for the Job?

We’re not just electrical contractors—we're pioneers in lighting design, installation, repair, and maintenance. Our commitment to excellence manifests in the personalized solutions we offer tailored to your distinct requirements and lighting preferences. We continuously strive to provide competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our services, ensuring unmatched value.

Continually elevating the standard of our customer care, we build enduring relationships based on trust and satisfaction. You can count on us for a swift and efficient response to your service requests. Our impressive project management capabilities ensure seamless execution, and our team of licensed professionals brings a blend of expertise, dedication, and innovation that promises a streamlined home lighting installation, repair, or upgrade from start to finish.

Residential Lighting Services

When you choose First Choice Electrical and Solar to conduct some lighting work at your home, we guarantee we’ll treat with the utmost respect. Our trained, licensed and insured lighting electricians are primarily concerned making sure your home is safe from fires, property damage and other hazards and it begins with remembering we are your guest and should behave as such.

Interior Residential Lighting

Our team of lighting electricians are available to provide affordable and reliable design, installation and maintenance for all your home’s interior lighting including:

  • Standard lighting systems
  • Custom lighting systems
  • Track lighting
  • New light fixtures
  • Retrofitting

Exterior Residential Lighting

Though most people tend to focus on their home’s interior, you can’t forget about the importance of exterior lighting. If you’re looking for exterior residential lighting services, we can design, install and maintain:

  • Outdoor fixtures
  • Motion activated lighting installations
  • Landscape lighting

For all your residential lighting needs, First Choice Electrical and Solar is here to help.

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