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The way a home is lit can drastically change its perception and function. Placement and type are two very important aspects of making sure that your home is lit in a way to best serve its intended purpose. That said, the placement and type of light pales in comparison when it comes time to select a lighting electrician. After all, you may have selected the right type of lights and found the perfect place to put them in your home, but what good are they if they haven’t been properly installed by a professional lighting electrician?

The answer is simple, they won’t do you any good. Whenever you choose to get residential lighting installed, or repaired or upgraded for that matter, by an under-qualified or unlicensed lighting electrician, the only thing they can do is serve as a hazard to everyone on the property.

Rather than put the inhabitants of your residential property in danger from cutting corners, get in touch with First Choice Electrical and Solar. We have been proud to serve homes for many years whenever they have lighting needs. Whether you require assistance designing a new lighting system, installing it, upgrading it or providing it with repairs, First Choice Electrical and Solar is here to provide reliable electrical services at an affordable rate.

To get a free quote on your upcoming lighting project from the most trusted electrical contractors in the area, give First Choice Electrical and Solar a call today.

Residential Lighting Services

When you choose First Choice Electrical and Solar to conduct some lighting work at your home, we guarantee we’ll treat with the utmost respect. Our trained, licensed and insured lighting electricians are primarily concerned making sure your home is safe from fires, property damage and other hazards and it begins with remembering we are your guest and should behave as such.

Interior Residential Lighting

Our team of lighting electricians are available to provide affordable and reliable design, installation and maintenance for all your home’s interior lighting including:

  • Standard lighting systems
  • Custom lighting systems
  • Track lighting
  • New light fixtures
  • Retrofitting

Exterior Residential Lighting

Though most people tend to focus on their home’s interior, you can’t forget about the importance of exterior lighting. If you’re looking for exterior residential lighting services, we can design, install and maintain:

  • Outdoor fixtures
  • Motion activated lighting installations
  • Landscape lighting

For all your residential lighting needs, First Choice Electrical and Solar is here to help.

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