Electrical Work for New Construction in Federal Way

When you’re constructing a new building, there are a lot of factors that go into each stage of planning. From plumbing to designing, laying the foundation to finishing details, the list goes on, which can make it a very stressful juncture for the property owner.

First Choice Electrical and Solar is committed to getting the electrical work in your new construction in Federal Way go seamlessly and on time. Our electricians work alongside other contractors to ensure the needs of your new space are met precisely and conveniently. We provide appropriate electrical work for all the power needs of your new construction while meeting safety standards and building codes. Get in touch with our certified team to get your electrical work done right away!

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Exact Estimates for Electrical Services on New Construction

There are a great number of variables in identifying the cost of electrical work for new construction. How large is it? Whether it is a custom build or not? What unique electrical needs does it need? Even things like changing market prices and accessibility of electrical materials need to be factored in. There is never a one-size-fits-all solution. We are experts at electrical estimating and can give you an exact quote that doesn’t vary down the line. Our accurate estimates will ensure your electrical work fits your budget all the way from start to finish.

Experienced Electrical Rough-In

We begin our electrical rough-in in your new construction once your walls have been framed with exposed studs. This will permit convenient access points for our electrical rough-in between the ceiling and floor joists and between wall studs. We are well-versed with the necessary rough-in procedures for all types of rooms. We offer experienced kitchen rough-in for your dishwasher, stove and lighting, your bathroom electrical rough-in and everything in between, including office rooms, boardrooms, den and laundry rooms. Our electrical rough-in services will cover all the necessary rooms in your building to provide you with adequate power.

Masterful Electrical Wiring for Your New Property

With decades of experience in the industry, First Choice Electrical and Solar has acquired extensive knowledge and credentials for electrical wiring in your new property. Whether you need unique electrical work for a specific machine, custom setup for electrical equipment or standard electrical outlet and appliance needs, we have the solutions for you.

Our comprehensive electrical wiring services will ensure your building has all the appropriate power outlets, appliances and electrical equipment requirements while meeting building and safety codes.

Expert Electrical Panel Installations

We will install a top-of-the-line breaker panel to serve all your panel needs, including:

  • Division of incoming power to be distributed to secondary circuits in your building
  • Incorporating a breaker or protective fuse for every outgoing circuit

As opposed to older construction, newly developed buildings have greater and more unique electrical demands. We are fully equipped to meet the new standards of building and construction with our stellar electrical work and can solve all your power demands effectively.

Electrical Work for New Construction in Federal Way

At First Choice Electrical LLC, we spend a lot of time with clients all over Federal Way. While our usual jobs consist of repairs and inspections, our assignments that require the most electrical work are of course, new construction.

When you’re building a home from the ground up, you’ll need a designated residential electrician who can work with your general contractor and subcontractors to ensure that wiring and anything else in your electrical system is installed safely and at the right time.

In our years on the job, we’ve designed and installed a wide range of systems large and small for contractors and homeowners alike. Our full-service approach ensures that every part of your household electrical wiring is installed by one certified and professional team.

Services we Offer

If you are a homeowner who is building a home from the ground up for the first time, it’s important to know that home electrical work is an on-going process throughout the entire build, not something that comes in and is done all at once.

We have had the pleasure of working with many contractors in Federal Way and together are always able to carry out a smooth build.

We’ll start with underground work around the time of the foundation, follow through with putting in some basic wiring as the frame goes up, and work throughout the entire construction project with temporary systems to allow builders to work more easily and keep your future home secure.

By the end, we’ll have installed everything you need to live in your home comfortably.

  • Wiring
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Outlets
  • Alarm systems
  • Breaker boxes
  • Phone and internet wiring

All these and much more, go into the electrical wiring for a new house.

Design and Wire

New construction electrical calls for a lot more than small post-construction jobs do. Our electrical contractors will work with homeowners and general contractors to plot out a safe and effective electrical system that will be installed with ease of use in mind.

First Choice Electrical LLC contractors take into consideration many factors when designing a home electrical system, based on every day human action and interaction.

And most importantly of all, when it comes to paperwork, we’re the masters! Electrical work in construction must follow just as many Federal Way regulations and bylaws as the rest of your new home construction. Luckily for you, when you work with First Choice Electrical LLC you won’t have to read a thing.

We deal with these installations on a daily basis and are happy to get everything in order so that your new home is all up to code by the end of the build and ready for you to move right in.

Move-in Ready Electrical

Our promise to you is that your home will be move-in ready the moment your build is complete. That means functioning and safe electricity with no notes that we’ll need to come back and finish those last few things off at a later date.

At First Choice Electrical LLC we believe in providing our clients with the quality work they want, at the prices they deserve. Give us a call today to get started!