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Five stars is not enough for Miguel and his talented assistant. I watched Miguel install the 200amp panel. He’s obviously an experienced very competent pro with the kind of work ethic seen in people who take pride in their profession. From estimate to completion First Choice is a class act.

Theo Hames

Jeff and Nick were awesome. Courteous, professional, and good natured. So happy to have first choice electrical service our home.

David Nieburg

Friendly and professional!

Brett Christopher

Miguel was excellent. He took great care and Primus work more importantly he took great care in pride in my property thank you for sending Miguel

Emanuel Sunday

One year in and haven’t had any issues. We have produced over 13 megawatts so far and anticipate zero electric bill for the year and enough left over to switch from gas furnace to electric heat pump. I’ve had many compliments on the install and the couple questions I’ve had over the year were promptly answered by the First Choice team. They are there for you after the initial install. A first rate company.

Jim Gilliom