ElectricalPanel Replacement

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We are very experienced in residential main breaker panel replacements. We have hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers and L&I approved electrical inspections when it comes to panel swaps. We install Eaton and Square-D panels with the options of whole house surge protection and arc-fault combination breakers to be installed as well. We also make sure all of the proper grounding and bonding is in place for overcurrent safety. We ensure there is a main waterline bond for the metal water pipes, as well as a gas bond for the gas pipes. Most importantly we ensure your main service is grounded by two 8’ galvanized ground rods required by the NEC and WAC. The proper grounding and bonding protect all your expensive appliances plugged in throughout the home and ensures nothing metal throughout the home are accidentally energized. Our pricing is great for the quality of our installations, I have extreme confidence in customer satisfaction when it comes to these projects.

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